Health law

Health care is of great importance to society. The volume of legislation in the health-care sector is therefore always on the increase and health law is continually changing.

Health and care

Changes in this field are caused by multiple factors, such as the growing influence of the free market, the need to improve efficiency and control costs, and changes in what treatment is covered and to what extent. A lot of attention is paid to quality, innovation, and safety (including patient safety). Medical disciplinary law plays a significant role in this. In addition, decentralization is occurring in areas such as youth care, which has drastically changed the playing field.

Legal advice in health care

Good legal advice about procedures and contracts in health care is essential for all health-care professionals in this increasingly complex sector.

Health lawyer

Armed with a great deal of experience in the field of health law and medical disciplinary law, we advise care institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, and individual care professionals in all the legal aspects of the health-care sector. This expertise spans:

  • Medical disciplinary law
  • Partnerships (including medical companies)
  • Giving guidance on new initiatives (e.g. clinics)
  • Medical liability
  • Health-care procurement and tendering
  • Disputes between care professionals, institutions, and insurance providers
  • Proceedings at the Dutch Healthcare Arbitration Tribunal (Scheidsgerecht Gezondheidszorg)