About us

Offering more than just the solution

Quality and customer focus have been the core values of Adelmeijer Hoyng since its establishment in 1996.
We specialize in civil and administrative law and focus mainly on medium-sized and large companies, public authorities, and institutions. We also regularly assist private individuals. Based in Maastricht and Roermond, our highly driven, 30-strong team is here to help you move forward now and in the long term. That’s because we offer you more than just the solution. 

Our values

What drives Adelmeijer Hoyng Advocaten is a passion and dedication to assist its clients based on trust and lasting relationships. Our mission is to proactively support and get people and businesses moving forward by providing high-quality legal advice in an ever-changing environment. You will experience how we are driven by a passion for our profession, a love for our work, and our ambition to achieve success. Success is never achieved alone. This is why we believe that the best results come from being connected to our clients, their employees, and ourselves.

Our aims

We believe in our added value as lawyers and as a sounding board for you. This means we listen carefully, want to understand you through and through, and immerse ourselves in your industry, organization, and challenges. For us, being a sounding board also means exploring scenarios with you and assessing risks. This allows us to help you with creative, practical, and effective expert advice and solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Our moral compass

To make sure we can deliver on our promises, our law firm is driven by values that support our vision and mission. These values are our moral compass and are at the heart of how we do things, what we believe in, and how we treat each other.

  • Professionalism
  • Business engagement
  • Opportunity thinking
  • Trust