Employment law

Employment law has an impact on every Dutch company, government body, and institution. The same applies to the vast majority of Dutch citizens.

Employment law

Employment law has an impact on almost everyone. Business owners must ensure that they have proper employment contracts with their employees, comply with the collective labour agreement, and adhere to rules on employee representation. A good working relationship is of huge value for employees, and employment conditions and dismissal protection are tremendously important.


Growing businesses often need more labour. Permanent contracts, temporary contracts, and hiring staff or employing self-employed professionals are some of the ways to get this extra manpower. If a company has to downsize, it is important to choose the right path of individual or collective redundancy and all the rules associated with each choice.

Employment lawyer

Our lawyers are highly experienced in all facets of employment law and advise both employers and employees. This expertise includes:

  • conflicts and dismissal
  • reorganization and collective redundancy
  • employee representation, works councils, and trade unions
  • employment contracts and termination agreements
  • non-compete clauses
  • transfer of undertakings
  • collective agreement, occupational schemes, and sectoral regulations
  • employee privacy