• Property and Real Estate

Property and Real Estate

Not only private individuals but also businesses, institutions, the Government sports and other associations have to deal with buying, selling, leasing and building property. Architects, contractors, project developers, civil engineers, lessors and financiers are all involved in property issues, or in utility or access construction, depending on their own interests.

Cooperation between different disciplines in varying combinations is essential for this. Such cooperation is based on sound, clearly formulated agreements.

We provide legal assistance and advice on drawing up construction, purchase and lease contracts, as well as litigating on any disputes that may arise in the property and construction sector, either in the courts or in arbitration (the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, the Court of Arbitration for the Metal Trade and Industry, and the NAI). We also provide advice on issues relating to architects' fees, the poor performance of a contractor, the termination of a lease agreement, or the interpretation of the commonly accepted general conditions (UAV 1989, AVA 1992, STABU and DNR).

Our expertise focuses in particular on:

  • liability (in case of design and performance errors)
  • ground pollution
  • the Dutch Buildings Code (bouwbesluit)
  • management
  • integrated contracts
  • non-contract work
  • delivery disputes
  • service and commission contracts
  • project development
  • rights of retention
  • sales and leasebacks
  • lease agreements (retail and other business accommodation)
  • evictions
  • lease price changes