• Liability, Damages and Insurance

Liability, Damages and Insurance

It is essential in today’s society to clearly define areas of liability by carefully drawing up contracts and by taking out appropriate insurance. Liability Law is becoming increasingly important in many areas.

In liability cases, major financial - and sometimes emotional - interests are at stake for both the defendant and the injured party, whether the issue is an accident on the shop floor, a collision, damage caused by non-fulfilment of obligations, or damage to reputation caused by incorrect information supplied by third parties. The injured party wants to be compensated for the damage, while the defendant wants to minimize the risk of claims and the consequences thereof. The exact nature of the damage and the extent to which it could qualify for compensation need to be carefully assessed by experts.

In many cases, it is possible to take out liability insurance. The first step is to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. What are the risks involved and do the policy conditions cover them adequately? Unfortunately, this sometimes ends in a conflict with the insurance provider over the cover to be provided and the amount of benefit. We can give you excellent assistance in such matters and have a great deal of experience in giving advice and litigating on cases of liability, damages and insurance.

Our expertise in liability law and insurance includes:

  • contractual liability
  • employers’ liability and directors’ and officers’ liability
  • product liability
  • damage arising from traffic and other accidents, including personal injury
  • insurance issues