• Intellectual Property, IT, Privacy and Media

Intellectual Property, IT, Privacy and Media

In today's Information Society, business operations are increasingly carried out electronically. Intellectual property has also become extremely important; in fact, it has even become the core activity of many companies. This requires efficient IT systems and effective protection of intellectual property.

Meanwhile, the privacy of individuals has come under increasing pressure because of these new technologies. Whilst such technological developments offer opportunities to entrepreneurs, they also constantly raise new legal questions, especially as the legislation has not kept pace with the developments.

We are involved in all facets of intellectual property law, information technology, privacy and data protection. We provide legal solutions that let you get the most out of your intellectual property and form the best relationships with your IT partners. We also help you to comply with all the rules for protecting the privacy of your business partners.

We also deal with media law and advertising law. We have a wealth of experience in screening media publications and advertising content, as well as in dealing with freedom of speech, unfair trade practices and misleading and comparative advertising.

Our expertise in intellectual property law, information technology and privacy includes:

  • drawing up Service Level Agreements, license agreements and IT-related agreements
  • giving advice on and litigating in cases of acquiring, protecting/enforcing and utilizing intellectual property, the legal aspects of computerization, e-commerce, trade practices, misleading and comparative advertising, digital and other commercial communications and the lawful processing of personal data
  • designing and implementing privacy policies
  • assessing the legality of media publications and of your own advertising or that of competitors
  • avoiding or taking measures against unfair and aggressive trade practices and misleading advertising