• Insolvency and Restructuring

Insolvency and Restructuring

Risk is part and parcel of any business. A company can get into financial problems for all sorts of reasons, such as market fluctuations, loss of investment, payment defaulters. Whatever the cause of a company getting into financial problems, many parties are involved, each with its own interests.

The aim of these parties is to avert bankruptcy by taking timely action. If bankruptcy proves unavoidable, the financial consequences need to be dealt with as carefully as possible with all the concerned parties, possibly in combination with a relaunch of the company.

We advise directors, shareholders and non-executive directors on a variety of legal questions when a company gets into financial difficulties. We also act as liquidators in bankruptcies and as administrators in debt moratoriums and debt rescheduling.

Our wide experience in the field of insolvency and restructuring includes the following:

  • advising companies on filing for bankruptcy or debt moratoriums
  • offering voluntary arrangement procedures in or outside bankruptcy
  • providing notification of inability to pay
  • advising on relaunch after bankruptcy
  • applying for admission to debt rescheduling arrangements
  • corporate restructuring and advice on restructuring
  • advising businesses and entrepreneurs on collateral (such as rights of pledge and mortgage, bank guarantees and security deposits) and on issuing such collateral