• Government and Public Administration

Government and Public Administration

The Government facilitates and regulates our society. Private individuals, as well as companies and institutions, come in contact with government bodies in many ways. The Government also has to adhere to the rules when it takes decisions.

These relate to topics such as preparing and publicizing a regulatory decision, as well as to the way in which citizens, companies, and institutions can lodge objections or appeals.

We advise citizens, public regulatory bodies and semi-public bodies and we litigate on a variety of issues. These may relate to administrative topics like zoning plans and licences or to the cooperation between public bodies and private parties. Combining our expertise in private law and administrative law allows us to clarify all aspects of a case.

Our work focuses on areas such as:

  • public-private partnerships
  • spatial planning and area development
  • regulation and enforcement
  • foodstuffs and goods
  • Government transparency (WOB – Freedom of Information Act)
  • Government liability
  • subsidies
  • expropriation and preferential rights