• Employment


Every Dutch-registered company, government body and institution has to comply with Dutch employment law. Despite the increase in the number of freelancers, the same applies to the majority of residents of the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, employment contracts have always been subject to strict rules due to their vital role in how companies, government bodies and institutions perform and for the job security of individual employees. Within set limits, tough negotiations on employment contracts regularly take place both on a collective level with trade unions and on an individual level with new and existing employees who are aware of their worth.

The statutory rules of employment law have changed since the adoption of the Dutch Work and Security Act [Wet werk en zekerheid]. At Adelmeijer Hoyng Advocaten, we are aware that there may still be numerous legal questions to which you, either as an employer or as an employee, may have no immediate answer. We have a great deal of experience in all facets of employment law and co-determination, often providing sound legal advice to employers, employees, and civil servants on issues and disputes relating to employment law.

Our experience in employment law and co-determination includes providing expert legal advice and, where necessary, acting in litigation in the following areas:

  • restructuring and individual and collective dismissals
  • co-determination, works councils and trade unions
  • employment contracts and termination agreements
  • non-competition clauses
  • transfers of undertakings and related issues