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Privacy Policy


Adelmeijer Hoyng Advocaten does not collect the personal data of any users of this website. The data you enter is retained only in registration areas, such as for the newsletter. Data that you provide in the context of submitting a claim in a bankruptcy case is also retained.

We exercise the greatest possible care whenever your data is retained. Your data is used only for the purpose for which you provided it and is never disclosed to third parties. Adelmeijer Hoyng Advocaten respects your privacy.


This website makes use of session cookies and stored cookies. A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent with pages from this website and is stored in the browser of your computer. The stored information can be sent back to our servers when you next visit our website.

A session cookie enables the website to keep track of the pages you have visited, so the content of this website can be optimized. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Stored cookies ensure that your computer is recognized when you next visit the website. It enables the website to remember your preferences (such as your choice of language). You can disable the storage of cookies by changing your browser settings.

This website does not use tracking cookies and your usage is therefore not retained for use by Google Analytics or other advertisers.